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As you begin to think about buying a home, you are likely aware that it is going to be among the largest investments you will ever make. This decision should not be taken lightly, and the help of trusted professionals should always be employed.

Take the time needed to find a team of professionals that have the experience, patience, and integrity necessary to provide exceptional service for you throughout the home buying process. You should always feel informed and empowered by your team to make the decision that feels right for you.


Eight Steps to Homeownership


You Decide to Buy

Although there are many great reasons to purchase a home, wealth building, and financial security are primary considerations. We like to call home ownership the best accidental investment most people ever make. We believe that when done right, home ownership becomes an intentional investment that lays the foundation for a life of financial security and personal freedom.


Hire Your Agent

The typical real estate transaction involves at least two dozen separate professionals including, agents, insurance assessors, mortgage brokers, underwriters, inspectors, and more. It is the responsibility of your real estate agent to ensure successful coordination between all the professionals involved in your home purchase and effectively represent you and your interests throughout the process.


Secure Financing

Below is an easy to understand, step-by-step process of financing a home:

  • Choose a loan officer or mortgage specialist
  • Complete a loan application and get pre-approved
  • Determine what you want to pay and select your terms
  • Submit to the lender an accepted purchase offer contract
  • Get an appraisal and title commitment
  • Receive your funds at closing


Find Your Ideal Home

Your search should begin by carefully assessing your immediate and long-term needs for your prospective investment.

Questions To Ask

  • What do I need my home to be close to?
  • How much space do I need?
  • What is more critical: location or size?
  • Am I interested in a fixer-upper?
  • How important is home value appreciation
  • What features and amenities do I want?


Make An Offer

Approach the offer process with a clear head and realistic perspective of the market. Your experienced agent will help guide you through what can be an overwhelming process and should grant you confidence and clarity as a client.


Perform Due Diligence

Unlike most major purchases, once you buy a home, you can’t return it if something breaks or doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. That’s why homeowner’s insurance and property inspections are important components of the home buying process. The property inspection should expose the issues a prospective home might hide so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you make your final decision.



The final stage of the home buying process is the lender’s confirmation of the home’s worth, legal status, and your continued credit-worthiness. This entails an appraisal, title search, and a final check of your credit and finances. As long as you have clear expectations and follow directions, closing should be a celebratory conclusion to your home-buying process and commencement of your home-owning experience.


How We Can Help

The Wickwire Team combines years of experience, market research and the latest technology to ensure that your every need is met. We have the expertise, patience, and resources needed to exceed your expectations throughout the process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



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